The vinyl album never quite died, although it was in poor health for a while. If it was an actual patient, it might have been anxious about going the same way as its cousin, the cassette tape, and was probably worried about the declining health of its other cousin, the compact disc. But vinyl has lingered, has recuperated, and is stronger than it has been in quite some time. A major record company announced that in 2018, they were once again to begin manufacturing and releasing vinyl albums for the first time since 1989. Why has vinyl survived while other formats have fallen? Cassettes are little more than a novelty now, and developments such as Kylie Minogue's decision to release a limited-edition cassette of her 2018 album Golden aren't going to change this. They perhaps even reinforce the contemporary novelty of that format. But vinyl has survived and even thrived. If you want to give your vinyl collection (which is perhaps constantly expanding) the audio respect it deserves, what kind of set-up should you be looking for?

The Beauty of Vinyl

There are many reasons why a music aficionado might prefer vinyl to simply playing the tracks in question via a music streaming service. There's a warmth to the recording, perhaps due to the imperfections in the (often analogue) recording. You're also likely to listen to the songs in the order that the musicians specified since there is no skip button.

The Turntable

Perhaps you already have an old turntable that's in use, or you can easily source one. Perhaps you're looking to buy a new unit, and your options are limited by your budget. But even old or low-cost turntables can be transformed with the right speaker set-up.

The Speakers

Even a basic two-channel speaker setup can achieve amazing results, particularly if you opt for a system with good all-around performance, such as QSC audio equipment. This is a great choice if you have a wide variety of musical tastes and aren't after speakers specifically to strengthen a key aspect of any preferred genre, such as lower frequencies to bring out the bass in hip-hop or higher frequencies to bring out the beautiful scream of the electric guitar.


Even all-around speakers can be coaxed into highlighting certain genres without the need for a more specialist set-up. The actual positioning of the speakers in the room can yield surprising results.

Vinyl has lived to fight another day and, as far as a music aficionado might be concerned, will hopefully continue to do so indefinitely with a quality of sound that it deserves. Learn more about audio set-ups, such as QSC audio equipment, from a local audio store today.