Most homes have adopted the system of installing home theatre systems in an in mount manner. In-ceiling speaker installation allows a better sound production into your home without taking valuable space of the floor. Before you kick off the installation process, you must conduct a preliminary plan. First, the position of your speakers in your room should be determined whether it's living room or bedroom. To have a much more enjoyable and balanced streaming beat, speakers should be placed in an equal distance from your central place of operation. The ceiling space should also be checked for any possible obstructions like water pipes, electrical wires, and support beams. Any obstructions require change of position of your speakers to avoid damage. Here are basic actions to be done for a successful installation project.

Drill out the Speaker Holes in Your Ceiling

The first step involves marking out holes in your ceiling after taking accurate measurements of the diameter of your speakers on the speaker box. Some sound systems may provide you a round template that can be easily traced with a pencil on the ceiling to increase accuracy. On completing the circles, drill a hole on the inner parts of the line drawn to come up with a starting point. Use a jigsaw blade to slowly cut along the lines on your ceiling. This should take you a few minutes as most ceilings are soft and easy.  

Prepare Your Speaker Wires for Connection

Take measurements of the actual length needed of your speaker wires to the amplifier. Using a wire cutter, strip the ends of the wires. Soldering the wires may be a good option for a good connection with your speaker. Ensure you use an insulation tape for protection of any bear connections made during installation.

Mount the Speaker Brackets on the Ceiling

You can now mount the brackets of your speaker on the ceiling using wood screws.

Mount Your Speakers into the Brackets

Have each speaker wire connected to the back of the individual speakers. You may want to test for a clear sound to avoid tampering with the ceiling once you are done with your installation. If all speakers are working, connect them to each bracket with screws of appropriate size supplied with your ceiling mounting brackets.

Connect the Wires to the Main Receiver

The final stage involves connecting the individual wires from each speaker to the main amplifier or receiver. The user manual can guide you on where to connect each wire on the receiver.

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